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Noah McCanohy joined the 51Fifty Yamaha team just before Oakland where he finished 9th in the main event. Photo by 51Fifty Racing

First of all welcome to the team! This all happened pretty quickly for you this week.  How are you feeling about tomorrow?

Thank you! Ya it all happened on Monday, then I got to ride the bike Tuesday and Wednesday and then we flew out yesterday! Honestly I’m just excited for tomorrow, I really felt comfortable on the bike right away. I rode Tyler’s bike and I didn’t even change a thing from his set up!


That’s not a bad setup to start with.  And you were on a Husky before, right? How was that going?

No not at all! He’s a tall dude and I’m a tall dude so the set up just felt really good! Ya I was on a husky all last year and then through last week. It was going good, I really like the bike and I was able to have a break out year last year on the bike and I had a solid start to supercross on it! I just had the opportunity come up with Tyler getting injured and I went with it!



No problem there.  I saw the results of a little incident you may have had with a triple on your first day, let me say, you are one tough dude!

Yea, I hit a pot hole right before the triple and my foot slipped down and clicked into first and then I just kind of let the suspension do the work and save me! Hahaha.


That’s a good way to test a new bike! What’s your expectation for this weekend in Oakland?

It’s definitely a good promotion for the suspension! Haha honestly I was already going faster than I was on the husky even though I didn’t get a lot of time on the bike so I already expect myself at least 2 to 3 positions better in the main. But for tomorrow I wanna focus on staying healthy, i know what I’m capable of in the mains but I think it’s smart to stay patient and keep building. With the bike and team around me I know I can finish around the 6-8 positions but I wanna just consistently build to it!


Awesome! Well, it’s getting late and it’s and early race tomorrow, so I’ll Let you run and check back in on Sunday after the race if that’s cool?

Continued Sunday after Oakland…

Hey 9th place! Good job!

Thank you!!!! That was honestly my goal to get top 10 and it felt good to get it!


What can we expect in the future?

Honestly the biggest thing for me is I just want to be consistent, I know I’m capable of better than 9th but I just want to work on being consistent and working my way up! So for this weekend I wanna have a solid heat race then another solid main in the top 10!


How long will we see you on the Yamaha?

I’d like to be on one as long as they let me! Haha I’m just taking it race by race right now. I really like the bike, everybody on the team is awesome, they have a ton of experience and they are really understanding. So as long as they let me ride the bike I’ll keep riding it!!


Sounds good! Good luck this weekend in Dallas!

Thank you, I appreciate it!!!


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