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  • Colby Young

In the world of off-road motorcycle parts and accessories there’s a certain stigma that comes with using parts that have never been “proven” by a top racer. Typically, when one thinks of the “top” of the class, the series that comes to mind is Monster Energy Supercross.  The abuse that is put on a rider and his machine is extreme and while other series test the longevity of a part, Supercross has become a proving grounds for testing the strength and abuse that a part can withstand.

When the call came in in late December to ask if ODI would be interested in supporting the STAR Racing Yamaha program, there was one contingency; some riders needed to use the V2 Lock On grip system.  Riders can often be hard to convince to try new technology.  Hey, if ain’t broke don’t fix it right?  So in the case of the Lock-On grip system, it’s been a struggle get a current or former champion to change what he’s used to and give it a try.  But for Aaron Plessinger, he saw the benefits of the Lock-On grip right away.  No slipping, a consistent feel and the fact that it made his mechanic just a little happier not having to mess around with glue and wire were just a few of the things that made AP give it a go.

With no complaints on the feel and the performance of the V2 system, AP set out his East Coast tour with a commitment to join his teammate Alex Martin and 450 class rider Andrew Short as the first riders in AMA Supercross to use the V2 Lock On Grip System Exclusively.  Each week, we’ve watched Aaron improve his finishing position until last Saturday when he and the ODI V2 Lock On Grip System shared in their first Monster Energy Supercross Victory.

We’re not saying that the grips are a magic feather and the reason Aaron won that race last weekend.  But like that midwest kid that we saw do the dougie, the sprinkler and every other dance you could think of in front of the 60,000 person crown at Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday night, we can now say that the V2 Lock On Grip System is #officiallyproven.