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ODI v2.1 Lock-On Grip Installation Instructions

1. Remove your old grips and clean the handlebars of any debris or residual glue.

2. Slide your new ODI v2.1 lock-on grips onto your bars and position them into the most comfortable position for your riding style. Be sure that the grips slide all the way onto the bar so that the inside end of the grip is touching the end of the handlebar. If needed, move some components on your handlebar to ensure that there is enough room for the grip to be installed completely onto the bar.

CAUTION: Do not allow the grips to hang off the end of the handlebar or use the grips to extend the handlebar width. Failure to install the grips flush to the end of the handlebar can lead to grip failure and/or injury.

3. Using a 3mm allen key, tighten the bold in the lock jaw clamp to secure the grips into place. To prevent stripping the bolt, be sure that your allen key is not rounded and that it is inserted all the way into the bolt head.

The recommended torque specification for the lock jaw v2.1 clamps is 40-45 in-lbs (4.5-5.0 Nm).

CAUTION: Always be sure to test for secure fitment before use. Required torque setting may vary based on bar material and variations in bar diameter. Do not use grips if you are not able to get a secure fitment or grips are loose even when tightened to designated spec.